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Closed on New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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Rebuilding the Keelboat

The 1996 keelboat was a work of art. To see it travel along a desolate stretch of the river would make you appreciate the beauty of the boat and the river. After an exciting and successful first river voyage in 1996, the boat was stored for the winter in a warehouse. During the winter the warehouse, keelboat and all, was destroyed by fire.

But, like a phoenix, a new keelboat has arisen from the ashes. It was begun by Glen Bishop and Jim Rascher bending ribs during the winter of 1998-99. In early May of 1999, the ribs were set upside down in the pavilion. Thousands of hours were spent building the boat by the members of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles.

The following report came in from Mimi Jackson: "Here are the photos of the turning of the keelboat. It took only four hours in blistering heat to accomplish this feat. Note how they placed iron pipes under the boat and rolled it out of the pavilion with only inches to spare. 

"Then with a forklift and several straps, they turned the boat over. It was turned and raised just enough to put its trailer under it. Finally it was rolled back into the pavilion." 

The genius behind the move was Wayne Toullock, ably assisted by Harry Windland, Jim Rascher, Dean Clawson, Darold Jackson, Dave Hibbler, Gerry Meyers, Gordon Bishop and, of course, the master shipwright, Glen Bishop





















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